Ask, Listen, Talk, Repeat

Our kids are struggling with their mental health and need help. In recent years, we have seen big increases in depression, anxiety, and youth thinking about suicide. As a result, the use of suicide hotlines, outpatient psychiatric services, and emergency room visits among children and youth has grown.

Mental Health Impacts All of Us

Mental health impacts all of us. It’s important to know that mental health conditions are common, treatable and help is available. Supporting the mental health of our children and youth starts with a conversation – Ask, Listen, Talk, Repeat. This website will give you the tools you need to start the conversation – including some fun ways to connect. Know when someone needs help, where to find help and how to take care of yourself along the way.

Ask Listen Talk Repeat Card with Icons

How You Can Help

Know the signs

Spot a mental health issue.

Start the conversation

Get communication tools and tips, including info for kids about how to talk to a friend.

Support your mental health

Learn how to take care of yourself and help your kids.

Get help

Connect with mental health care, support groups, hotlines and more.